Swing Analysis: Brandt Snedeker

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

While Snedeker’s surprising victory over Kyle Stanley seemed due to Stanley’s misfortune, the real fact is that if Snedeker had not played an almost flawless round Stanley would have been so far ahead that he could have made 10 on the last and still won by a few. As it was, Snedeker hit every green in regulation and birdied the last with a clutch wedge to a foot to keep him in the game, then golf bit Stanley and Snedeker wound up on top. Here we see why Snedeker played so well that Sunday: he has a great swing. He looks a little frantic sometimes with his quick paced swing and fast routine, but he matches that quick pace with his putting and short game technique and it all comes out looking like he doesn’t give himself time to think a whole lot over any shot.
That may not be such a great idea if your technique isn’t very good, but Snedeker’s, in fact, is just about as good as it comes, so the idea works for him. His plane lines are mint and he approaches and exits on the shaft plane about as well as anyone on tour. He employs an interesting backup move with his hips that saves him from a slightly forward leaning backswing (toward the ball) and creates tons of space for his right arm to clear his hip while his forearm points at the ball almost perfectly. If you’re looking for on plane, neutral wrist and clubface positions, Snedeker is your guy. You can’t go wrong trying to emulate his position at the top, unless of course you physically can’t get it back that far without screwing everything up, which is one of the main items that separates tour players from everyone else. All in all, it is a wonderful swing to watch, and my guess is that it will produce success in some big moments in the future.

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Robert Laney February 13, 2012

For such a great swing why is always ranking outside the top 100 in GIR

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