Swing Analysis: Brandt Snedeker Torrey Pines 2016

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

This is an interesting golf swing and when it works Snedeker is a threat to win every time as he is one of the best putter/short game artists on the Tour. His takeaway is right up the plane but the shaft quickly gets quite flat at left arm parallel due to the rolling motion of his left arm and shoulder. This is problematical for the average player as the tendency then would be to pull the right arm up and back, crossing the line and making a smooth transition difficult, but Snedeker keeps the shaft pointing in the right direction almost all the way to the top and then as the right arm pulls back he saves himself by utilizing a fairly radical anterior pelvic tilt to create more posture and space for the right arm in the forward swing while helping to unwind the hips and clear the left side nicely. I have advocated this type of pelvic movement ever since I studied my first Hogan swings some 25 years ago, and Snedeker does it as much as anyone you will see. The other thing that he has improved is the acceleration of the upper right arm toward the front of the rib cage in transition. A few years back his right upper arm was pretty obviously trailing behind him approaching impact, which caused his release action to be a bit flippier. With the right arm more attached to the front of the chest the hands can get more forward and thus the release can be sustained past the ball more effectively.

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Jason March 4, 2016

Good pick up Wayne. I actually saw him and Butch at Torrey it was interesting they were rehearsing club way out in front and a really flat shoulder turn.

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