Swing Analysis: Adam Scott’s #1 Swing

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

I was almost shocked when I saw this swing of Scott’s on television: not because of anything Scott does, but because it is filmed with a stationary camera from the proper angle (behind the hands) and the proper distance away from the player. Imagine that! So, what we get to do is a standard Wayne D. analysis without the problem of camera angles and moving cameras, and we can really see just how good this is and how he has improved from the last time I analyzed his swing. The big thing here is that he has fixed the upper body back-up that he used to have in both his backswing and forward swing. Now the swing hits all the right spots and looks about as uncompromised as you will ever see. It’s not the most dynamic swing on Earth but it is starting to get a flow that looks more athletic than placed, a bit like Tiger’s move. There is definitely compression going on here as his head obviously lowers both back and down (not as much as Tiger’s) and I’m sure that many would consider that an improvement over Tiger’s perceived “dipping” problem, although as I have noted many times in the past Tiger’s record would suggest that whatever he does is probably a good idea. Nonetheless, Scott has risen to the top for a very good reason: he has a wonderful swing that should produce great shots when he needs them the most.

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Fred June 4, 2014

Really cool analysis that highlights your preferred elements (lowering, hips in the box, hip depth, shaft plane etc.) The one that interests me is the hands moving out on the takeaway (maybe with just the driver?) Just yesterday I was watching your Greg Norman analysis in the library and The Shark did the same thing, perhaps more so. Given that Greg Norman is a hero for Adam Scott, maybe Adam emulated him early in his career but fixed a few things along the way (head off the ball). Greg’s swing seems to have a few of your no-no’s (moved off the ball, hips slightly out of the box, hands moved down at the top, crossed the line) but had the raw talent to make it work him. It is interesting to me to see how the hand position at address and the hand path sets up so many other elements or compensations in the full swing.

John Neeson June 5, 2014

Thanks Wayne. He really is something to watch. Last summer in Australia he played in the three main Aussie Tour events and finished 1-1-2. His ball-striking was imperious and even better than Norman in his prime. For three weeks he lasered mid and long irons to 6 feet. He partly gifted the Aussie Open to McIlroy when he bogeyed the last. But the damage was done earlier when his missed a string of short putts en route to 35 for the round. Previous three rounds he averaged 26.
I cringe watching him putt, with that garden hoe thing and now with the ridiculous finger salute. (If it’s one finger to the right, sure he can remember how wide his finger is). Ok, call me a bluff old traditionalist.
He’s always been a streak putter but his bad days are hard to watch. I just hope he can have enough good days to win a handful of Majors since he deserves them and is ariculate and elegant enough to be an ornament to our great game. I would be even more delighted to see him win one with a man’s putter. Sorry – there I go again.

Mark June 5, 2014

Since when has a short putter been the chosen weapon of the uber-male?

Our game is inherently camp, particularly since the hipster trouser came back, we look like French hairdressers. Not to mention plus 4’s, pink tank tops and argyle socks…

Admittedly, the golf swing performed correctly is very athletic, which may or may not be viewed as a “manly” trait, but we finish said move with a pirouette, a squeeze of the buttocks and a thrust of the hips. Come on, Mel Brooks would have a field day.

John Neeson June 5, 2014

You are right. Caddyshack has been on top of the golfers’ favourite movie list for too long. I guess I am more of a Tom Watson type. Just too damn embarrassed, too proud and too concerned with the traditions of the game to use a ‘cheating’ putter. Some people would use a billiard cue if we didn’t have rules.
And longer is not always better…it’s in the way that you use it. Mel……!!!!?

John Neeson June 10, 2014

May be legal but still not a golf stroke in my view. They should have made the rule:
1) Putter must be shortest club in bag
2) Only the hands (below the wrist), can touch the club
3) Hands must be touching each other when a stroke is made

All this started when people started talking about putting being a ‘game within a game’.
For centuries, putting was just another short golf stroke but played along the ground. It is only when we developed the technology to have very smooth, fast greens that people started to consider it different from a normal golf stroke. It shouldn’t be. The golf stroke is characterised by SWINGING a club sideways with both hands on the grip. An alternative solution would be to make the broomstickers and anchorers play all their shots with the same grip.

To quote Percy Boomer, putting is not a different game – putting IS the game.

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