Steve Stricker: Soling the Putter Lightly

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

This is a short video in which Steve Stricker, one of the best putters of his generation, demonstrates how lightly he soles the putter on the ground before he starts his backstroke. You can easily see Stricker lifting and bouncing the putter as he sets up, trying to get the weight of the putter in his hands and not pressing down into the grass. He still maintains contact with the ground, but only minimally, which allows him to stabilize the putter (hovering the putter off the ground is difficult to do without it wobbling around) and to start his stroke back smoothly with all upper body movement. I see so many students who either try to grip the putter extra lightly and let all its weight press into the ground or even worse press the putter into the ground, that I always make it a point to check to see whether or not the putter can move smoothly back without having to lift it off the ground suddenly to get the stroke started.

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Clinton October 5, 2013

Resting the putter on the toe as Stricker does would also contribute to a more shoulder oriented stroke, with less hand action, i feel. And this putting address position parallels his full swing as well. He sets up on full shots with slightly higher hands than most, and then exagerrates this arched hand position even more just before he takes the club back. So in both swings (putting and full) he addresses the ball in a way that limits the use of his hands. Perhaps this is at least partly why he continues to be such a putting genius well into his forties, and an outstanding swinger too. Distance control for stricker is simply a givenbon greens and fairways.

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