Short Game Work with John Lamendola

By Wayne | Videos: Online Students

Wayne D! Apologies if this email gets long. Tee to green I haven’t played with anyone all year who has hit it as good as me. My ball striking has become really really good. What’s been really holding me back is my chipping and pitching from 30 and in. I think it gets a little flippy and the follow through gets long. My miss is thin not fat. Shot 79/75 NYC am both rounds could have easily been in the 60’s. If I can sort this shot out I am very confident I can start winning. Thanks, as always. You have transformed my golf swing!!!!

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Bret June 30, 2018

I think Wayne is spot on in his short game methodology. Waaay more people flip than have excessive shaft lean, and I think people who struggle with the leading edge have an in to out path that messes with their low point. I remember working with him a couple of years ago on my full swing and found that my pitching got way better as a result, even though I wasn’t focusing on it. Wayne, love your full swing stuff but it’s great to see a short game lesson.

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