Second Round of the Senior PGA: Better, But Missed the Cut Anyway

By Wayne | blog

Well, I played pretty good today, but I couldn’t quite sustain it on the back nine as a few weak drives and some missed putts cost me an under par round and a chance at making the cut. I shot 1 under on the front after making a 20- footer for par on 1 and bogeying 3, but bogeys on 10, 12 and 14 with no birdies to offset did me in. I hit 9 fairways and 11 greens but had 31 putts, which were 4 less than yesterday. As usual, it was a battle, as the wind blew up from the north in the morning, then switched direction to the south later in the day. The south wind is much warmer and makes the course play easier, but overall today was much less intense than yesterday.
So, what is my overall take from the week? As usual, it is a pleasure and an honor to play in an event of this stature. The challenge is great, the grinding is intense. I feel that I shot about what I could reasonably expect to shoot, not better or worse, and that it could have been way worse given the severity of the venue. At any point in the round, if the swing decides to go away and the shots start to go awry, you could literally shoot anything. There is a penalty for every bad shot, and it takes a bit of luck to avoid the big number. I got lucky today on #9 when a layup hybrid from the deep rough barely cleared the hazard, and I got unlucky on #10 when a drive down the middle hit a mogul and kicked into the deep rough with an uphill lie to boot. That’s the way golf goes, with fortunes changing at the drop of a hat, so it is always best to contain your emotions lest you get too high or too low. Experience tells you that golf fortune is like the weather in Ireland: if you don’t like it (or like it) just wait 10 minutes because it will change, and you never know what that change will be.
I think that one thing I can take from the tournament is that what I am working on is the right thing, and that if I could devote a bit more time to working on it and if my body can continue to hold up I might just play well again sometime in a big event. My next one is the qualifier for the US Senior Open in 3 weeks, then the National Club Pro out in Monterey at the end of June. These are walking events, so I will keep working out and doing my cardio so that I have a chance to hold up for however long I need to. But as far as my swing goes, I feel that triggering the backswing with the pivot is a good thing, keeping the club head outside the hands to waist high in the takeaway is a good thing (I’m not good at either), pointing the club left at the top and moving the hands outward to start the forward swing is a good thing, and clearing and swinging left while staying deep with the hips and keeping the head out over the ball is a good thing. If I stay on track and keep putting in the time I feel that there are good things coming.
And again, I want to thank everyone who watched and read and rooted me on. I could feel the good vibes today and it really helped.

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Pink May 25, 2012

When you made the turn I was higher than a kite. The front nine showed you were hitting it well. I had you and Hallberg on the leaderboard and see you tied. You played well as compaired to some who play every week. You should be proud. I know qualifying is very difficult and then playing a course you really only see once especially one like this one is super tough. Proud of you.

steve strobeck May 25, 2012

I hope as you continue to compete you keep feeling the vibes. You have a loyal and growing fan base.

Next time you hire a car try not to hit a pole.

Brent May 26, 2012

Great job, Wayne.

Tom May 26, 2012

Amazing performance, Wayne. Cut out that adventure you had on 13 on Thursday, and change two of your double bogies to bogies, and you would have made the cut!

Adam Auger May 26, 2012

Good grinding Wayne. Even your efforts just to arrive at the tournament were impressive. Looked like fun on the range before the tourny started. The course on TV looked extremely difficult. It was fun following your score at a Major… I was sending updates to my buddies… saying my swing coach is tied with the legend Tom Kite.

Pink May 28, 2012

Wayne I believe you have a very solid swing that you can trust under pressure. Having 66 putts could be something that would have turned it around. I know you are fully aware of that as you talk about the 6 footers missed but your swing is impressive and you did a great job. You should go into the Open and NCP with a lot of confidence.

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