Rory McIlroy Swing Analysis

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

A look at Rory McIlroy during his victory at Quail Hollow. At first glance it may appear that Mcilroy’s swing is a “model” of perfect form and function, maybe even the “swing of the future”, since he’s only 21 years old. However, as in almost

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John August 11, 2017

Still love watching him but with a new caddy, new clubs, new wife and new putter every week, I don’t get the feeling he’s terribly settled at the moment. And so my admiration for Nicklaus grows deeper with the passing years. With all that was going on in his life, his ability to focus and and to regularly outplay the likes of Palmer, Player, Casper, Miller, etc continues to astound.

Marc August 11, 2017

Hey Wayne,

with his right foot on the ground at impact, and his hips turned open that much (70 degrees is what I think you said), do you think this is a swing that will last? I imagine that move is straining his lower back BIG TIME, and given his recent physical issues I’m wondering if he’ll, unfortunately, wind up like Freddie (or you or me), with significant back issues. As I’ve heard you say many times, if you try to put me in that position, just call 911 right now :)… I’d have to agree with that w/r/t Rory’s swing.

Now that I’ve said that I realize many, many other players are able to keep their right heel on the ground the whole way through, and sometimes even past impact – something I definitely don’t do with my back injury. What exercises can I do to implement that (assuming for a second that it would improve my swing)? the fact that so many guys are doing it and yet I think I’d need an ambulance if I tried it suggests to me that I’m limited physically somehow compared to these guys (which is obvious). But, like any golfer, I’m always trying to get better…..


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