Rory McIlroy: Demonstrating One of the Secrets to Great Ball Striking

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

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Rick March 12, 2019

Wow – amazing physical ability, can watch this one over and over. Excellent focus piece Wayne. I like how you have tied together the ideas of hip depth / max side-bend with sustain through impact by looking at side bend of right shoulder in through-swing. All of us who want to trap the ball better / increase forward shaft-lean can use this example as inspiration. From this amount of side bend you will either learn to trap the ball, or suffer hitting six inches behind it. It would be interesting to do a comparative piece on the great ball strikers, Trevino, Hogan, Tiger, DJ, etc and the range of side bend in this same through-swing position. All low 30’s like Rory? is that the requirement? Is Rory exceptional even amongst these great ball-strikers? any mid or upper 30’s in the bunch? can’t believe any of them had side bend as shown in this example any higher the somewhere in 30’s of degrees with mid-irons.

Cary March 23, 2019

Looks like a little more hip turn which cause more left leg movement in latest swing.

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