Rickie Fowler Putting: An Analysis

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There are as many putting styles as there are players, and you will see just about everything you can imagine when you watch the Tour on television. I have always preferred a narrow stance for whatever reason, and my stroke has trended to faster over the years. Way back when I had a very slow stroke that measured somewhere in the 60’s on the metronome, but I found that I was prone to missing short ones as the stroke felt too long and wobbly. I picked up the pace to 80 and then 85, and I have noticed that there are quite a few excellent putters whose stroke is even faster. Watching Rickie Fowler get up and down from everywhere and make everything got me interested in doing a more in depth look at his method, and here I break it down in detail. The stroke paces at about 95, and is quite efficient and economical. Fowler keeps his right hand much more on top of his left than I do, and I am not likely to change that, but I am going to try his tempo and his general posture. (There are two videos make certain to watch both.)
Part 1:
Part 2:

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John April 4, 2017

I think the grip is almost irrelevant except for someone who is looking for a good one to copy. I like his narrow stance and have always done this myself. I think it is easier to find a consistent ball position with a narrow stance and it’s more comfortable. It took me a while to realise that the aim line on the back of most putters is not for aiming the ball but to show you which line to start the putter backwards. Obviously the putter will come in a little but if you start it straight back it will also come off the ground quite a bit. Finally, his tempo is good an look like someone gently tapping a nail in a piece of wood. You don’t ordinarily take a hammer back slowly or pause at the end of the upstroke. The backstroke and forward stroke are really one seamless motion.
Ricky provides a good model for putting so thanks for sharing. (Then of course you need to be able to read the green, judge the speed and hold your nerve…….)

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