Recent Tournament Results: Wayne D. Aug 31st 2017

By Wayne | blog

I’m always encouraging everyone to test his or her swing in competition. I also like to put what I’m teaching to the test as well. So this is just a quick update on some of my recent tournament results.
First up was the Middle Atlantic PGA Professional Championship held Aug 14-16. I had a strong 3 days of play with only a couple of shots keeping me from qualifying for next year’s PNC but a T-24 overall out of a large field was nice.
Next was the Senior Champ/Quarter Cent/Sr PNC Qualifer held Aug 28-29. Even par for the 9 holes we played the 2nd day due to horrendous weather was good enough to pass 10 players and move me up to a T-7, just the finish I needed to qualify for the Senior PGA Professional Championship in Scottsdale Sept 28th – Oct 1st.
So the things I’ve been working on are holding up in competition and I’m looking forward to the Senior PGA PC in Scottsdale.

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Chuck August 31, 2017

Nice work, Wayne!

Phil September 1, 2017

Way to go Wayne. Always rooting for you. Hey I was thinking…wouldn’t it be cool to have a WayneD community outing? We could all get together for a weekend, play some golf, maybe have a little competition, a dinner, a WayneD clinic/swing checkup, etc. I wonder if something like that would fly…

Chuck September 1, 2017

I like this idea! Good excuse for me to fly out and take some lessons too!

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