Progress Report: Wayne D. Heads to the 2014 PNC

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

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John June 18, 2014


I have very similar issues with the hips staying in the box, despite trying numerous ways and combinations to do this. As you have seen this casues the stuck position swinging out to far out rather than across and in during the forward swing.

I get perplexed because I should be able to do this and working the arms and shoulders have little if no positive effect.

When I look at swings like Bobby Jones and other greats of golf who whipped the club inside on the take away and then across the line at the top, they all get to impact in the box and swinging left with a sustained flat wrist past impact.

So to me the real issue is in the hips and trunk control. Not that moving the arms and shaft on a better take away plane an dposition at the top, but it all seems to be the magic in controlling something other than the club/shaf plane on the backswing. It seems to be the flexibility and control of the feet.legs,hips, and torso.

Your thoughts?


Benjamin June 18, 2014

Jack, I had your issues for a while and could never stay in the box, I always came away from the line and in my back swing and my right knee would drive toward the ball in transition.

I found out (I think!) why this was happening and it was because I was too bent over at address. If you are in a position to start were you can’t really deepen then u can only go one way.

I started to stand up taller at address, which allowed me to feel like I could deepen, and bow or crunch down more at the start and in transition, this also made it easier to drive from the right heel more, make my right leg move toward to target more and stay in the box.

The magic move of lowering the torso, backing the hips up and turning 45 is also easier now.

That’s the key to me, I’ve been a Wayne D student for a good 18 months now and practising that move a lot and getting it right (the rythem of it) is what it’s all about.

Practise skimming a stone, the throwing a golf ball down the line and also throwing the club at the target that Wayne advocates as much as possible. The more u do it and get the feeling the easier it becomes when your doing it for real, and it’s not an easy thing to do !!!

Hope that helps


    John June 18, 2014


    Thanks for the tip on the address posture. I will definately give it a try.


Benjamin June 18, 2014

Oh yeah and good luck Wayne in your tourney ….

Peace out folks x

Jan June 18, 2014

Yes, good luck!

John Neeson June 18, 2014

Play well Wayne. For someone who is always tinkering and refining his swing, I’d be interested in what you actually think about (or concentrate on), about when you are swinging during a competition. I find I play best when I have one technique swing key that works. They rarely work as well when the charm has worn off, so I am forever searching.

Clinton June 18, 2014

Wayne, you could always just do what Martin Kaymer does: stop thinking about the golf swing and just play golf. Oh wait. Kaymer is in phenomenal physical shape and has already been the best player in the world once. Not to mention his move is near perfect and his tempo crisp and athletic. So I guess that advice only works for other top tour players, and for some of our friends at Golf Channel. On second thought, keep thinking, keep working at it, and enjoy the struggle that is part of golf’s charm. I for one will be rooting for you. Good luck!!!

randal white June 18, 2014

What about pulling out the old posture pod?..

russ aragon June 19, 2014

Have fun buddy! G/L

Lawrence June 20, 2014

To get the across the line at the top fixed. Stand straight up. Cross your arms in front of you your chest and just think of pulling your right shoulder blade/lat down as you turn back. It looks from the vid, as you are feeling you are getting an excess tilt and arm lift as opposed to a trunk rotation to set those arms. Anyway, I look forward to following your play next week. From one old man to another, Fairways and Greens.

John Neeson June 22, 2014

Sorry to hear that you had to withdraw. That’s a pity. Hope you get better soon.

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