Pro Tip of the Week: The Pre-Shot Routine

By Wayne | Videos: Pro Tip of the Week

Start each shot by committing to developing something that every good player utilizes: a consistent pre-shot routine that doesn’t take too long. Doing the same things just before you hit the ball helps to focus your mind on the task at hand and distracts you from the possible penalties you face for hitting a poor shot.

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Chuck October 11, 2016

I’m copying Ben Hogan’s pre-shot routine. It’s superfast and gets you lined up right every time. He does the step in drill half swing on just about every shot. If you watch Shell’s Wonderful world of golf, he does basically the same every time. I think the only difference is when he has that hanging lie on one hole, he does a 4th waggle instead of 3. I think that’s where he tells Gene Sarazen after that he could feel the wind in the trees rustling. Anyway, I saw this post come through yesterday and it reminded me to practice Hogan’s pre-shot routine when practicing at the range that night. This may seem strange but my image of impact has been wrong. For some reason my brain thinks the club should come in shallower than needed. Wayne put a stake down (at address shaft angle) once at my last in-person lesson in Florida. When I swung on the same angle, it showed my brain that my image was wrong and I actually needed to feel like the club was steeper. This got rid of my flippiness and made my impact better. So, now I can practice that image while doing the Hogan waggles as part of his routine. This post may not make sense but I’m fighting a cold and I’ve got Sudafed and Dayquil and about 15 cough drops in my system.

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