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One Response to Pro Tip of the Week: One of the Best Practice Aids Ever

  1. P.J. Boyle June 18, 2015 at 8:02 am #

    I use meat skewers to do the same thing. I tie the string to the loop. They don’t leave as big a hole in the green and you can put them in at an angle to keep the string taut.

    If you put a small section of chalkline where you are going to putt from, you can get your eyeline right over the string by keeping the string “hiding” the chalkline.

    The biggest issue with these things for me is winding them up so the string doesn’t get loose in the bag and all knotted up. I put the skewers through a flattened ball sleeve and wrap the string around the cardboard, then put the last bit through a slot in the cardboard to hold it.

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