Pro Tip of the Week: On an Iron Shot the Right Arm is Bent at Impact

By Wayne | Videos: Pro Tip of the Week

This week’s Pro Tip clears up some mistaken information that the right arm straightens at impact on iron shots.

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Thomas June 25, 2015

Wayne, doesn’t his move require some conscious side bend?

Phil September 18, 2015

Hoping either Wayne or someone in the “WayneD” community can clarify some confusion I have here. There seems to me to be a “chicken or egg” thing going on here with regard to the right arm and the unwinding of the lower body.

I know for sure that I am terrible at right arm action. The elbow stays way behind and the right arm straightens at or before impact. However, I also know that I am terrible at proper unwind of the lower body. The belt buckle is almost looking at the ball at impact as opposed to rotated toward the target.

This being the case, I’m confused about how I should work on the right arm. Should I focus on better lower-body unwind and expect that this will automatically put the right arm into better position? Or, should I focus directly on the right arm and try to get that right elbow down in front? Or, should I work it from both sides?

The other thing I know I struggle with is the pinching of the right elbow midway through the backswing. This is followed by a late arm lift and an “overswing”. Would it also be correct to say that if I gave the right elbow more depth going back, that it would be easier to do the correct stuff with the right arm coming down?

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

Sean September 19, 2015

Minimizing the arm lift is what you need to focus on. KJ choi and Carl Pettersson get away with a lift and hands out move (sort of) but you are not them. The shaft shallows because the hands are traveling on a diagonal path to the top, and the right arm coming in “tips” the shaft the other way.

Wayne’s been doing a lot videos on the recently, where he shows the right elbow move very little from left arm parallel. Vijays right elbow moves a bunch, but the point is that last move to top should be diagonal and not vertical. If its too vertical, an out move will put your arms too far in front of you coming down, which is only made worse if your hips aren’t deep.

5 lessons talks about this as well, Hogan saying that many golfers, especially as they near the top, thrust their arms up. I think this is a hugely common problem and should be talked about more.

Wayne will draw a dot where the butt of my club is at left arm parallel, and the draw a dot where it is at the top. Then he says the last part of my backswing is nothing but a lift and then gives me a look like “you thought this would work?” (that’ll be $200)

Watch Vijay. In fact, just be Vijay.

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