Pro Tip of the Week: Mommas Don’t Let Your lefty Golfers Grow Up to Play Righty

By Wayne | Videos: Pro Tip of the Week

The “Pro Tip of the Week” series is short videos of things Tour players do that can benefit your game and lower your score. Pro Tip of the Week videos are free for a limited time period. This weeks pro tip is: As Seen on TV: Mommas Don’t Let Your lefty Golfers Grow Up to Play Righty.

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jean-daniel portigheis July 15, 2014

I’m left handed and started straight away with right-handed clubs at the age of 13. I’m a one handicapper. What should I do now? Once, I tought I should try playing lefty but it didn’t work. Then I heard that Nick Price, who is a very good ball stricker with solid fundamentals, was also lefty. It reassured me and I decided to keep on working on my swing righty.
What do you think Wayne?

Desiree July 16, 2014

Henrik Stenson is a left handed player and he is doing ok. Watch him win the British Open on sunday, becoming no. 1 in the world!

russ aragon July 16, 2014

Well I am. Righty playing lefty, I know the better I am getting with my left arm and hand and hip, the better my game is.

    Leigh July 18, 2014

    This post is exactly on target, from my experience. I am a lefty playing righty. I play bogey golf, for the most part. Handicap is at 15-17. I started playing – only intermittently, as I was busy year round with hockey (in which I was a right shot) and baseball (lefty/lefty) – when I was 13 and never had a lesson. Only now as I turn 60 am I playing regularly, pretty much for the first time.
    I pitched, played the field and batted lefty at the highest amateur baseball levels. Wayne’s emphasis on the right arm sidearm motion has been helpful, because now I see I can’t trust my right arm to do this consistently. This has caused misses (mostly with woods) that were left, right, slice and hook .
    But I am finding a way to use my left arm and side to control and lead the right arm through on a proper path. I control the backswing with my left arm and this keeps the right arm deactivated throughout and leaves the left arm, side and hip to lead me through, using the image of pulling the sword from the sheath. I finally have a fairly consistent swing path, I think.
    I have lost no power and now am producing slight draws and modest pushes, never a slice or a fade. This is the first time my misses have been predictable and consistent. The left side emphasis has improved my use of legs, hips and torso a great deal.
    I first played golf as a teen with borrowed lefty clubs. When my dad went to buy me a set of starter clubs (this was in the 1960s!), the golf pro had me swing righty and said ” get him righty clubs.” (I could hit a baseball righty in batting practice, but never good enough to switch hit in a game)
    But I think Wayne is right: I would still be better off if I played lefty, as my right arm does not know how to to perform a consistent low side-arm motion. My plan now is to continue work the left side dominance and see if I can improve from my mid teen handicap. My short-term goal is to get to a handicap of 10-12. Then I want lower! Until Wayne emphasized the importance of the sidearm throw, I did not see the source of my inconsistency. My right arm just can’t be trusted.
    Perhaps those lefties playing righty played a lot from a young age and/or had instruction early and often. I played only a half dozen or a dozen rounds a year, but now in my 60s I can play 9 holes three or four times a week and an occasional 18.
    I am also starting to practice lefty, as that option is still possible for me. I can play the game lefty. The question is whether, after all these years playing righty, whether I can be better lefty or righty. Whichever can get me closer to single digits for my handicap is what I intend to do.
    Thanks to Wayne and all those who commented. This has been very helpful.

John July 16, 2014

Wayne, really? Come on… I am lefty in everything I do but golf. 3 hcp which puts me in the top 001% of all golfers. Played Div. II golf for Clarion U. Of Pa.

Lots of great lefties that play right handed. To add to the list, Trevor Immelman.

Mark July 17, 2014

I was watching the open today and Frank Nobilo suggested Hogan was a lefty playing righty.

Has anyone else seen the pictures of Hogan writing with his right hand??

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