Pro Tip of the Week: Iron Swing vs. Driver Swing

By Wayne | Articles: Becoming a Better Player

It would be nice if one swing would work fine for every shot. Certainly, every swing has elements that are similar or even exactly the same, but if you are going to drive the ball well and hit your irons well you are going to have to make adjustments. The key factor here is that with an iron the ball is on the ground (if you’re on a par 3 and can use a tee you should still tee it up low enough to simulate a very good lie in the fairway) while the driver is teed about halfway above the top of the face of the driver, a good inch and a half off the ground.

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Dr. Robert September 20, 2016

watching you get your rt hip deep on the backswing was the best lesson i had in years- hitting knockdowns, full irons, thru driver -best in 10 years. thanx Wayne. Dr Rob

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