Pro Tip of the Week: Hitting Stations

By Wayne | Videos: Pro Tip of the Week

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Kevin Streelman July 1, 2014

That swings got no chance!!!

Junior Hanley July 1, 2014

Hey Wayne. About how long is that shaft by his knees? I want to try it out!

Lawrence July 1, 2014

Congrats Kevin. Good to have you online with the rest of us. We have all found WayneD and are contiuing the process to get better. Can you expand on anything that Wayne gave you for the victory.

John Neeson July 2, 2014

A classic example of ‘paradoxical intention’ in your comment. I like it. Great win by the way.
Having moved back to Australia, I am finally making some progress on the Drive 45 / Stay in Box fundamental. Since I can’t afford a Posture Pod, (not strictly true, I just don’t want to give the Leader of the Opposition any further reasons to have me certified), I use your stick drill and another one that seems to work well for me.
I simply put my golf bag on the 45 deg line from my left glute and about 6-8 inches away from it. Then just prior to impact, I drive left and try to touch the driver headcover with said glute.
It’s really amazing to see an feel the effects of getting this right. As a chronic early extender, it helps in many ways. Keeps me out over the ball more at impact, improves my high approach and seems to give me greater compression and contact.
I feel a new video analysis coming on and better get in quick before these Tour Players start queuing up at your door. Kevin…..mum’s the word!

Michael July 3, 2014

Hi Wayne, I’m interested in the question “why is it better to swing with your hips “in the box”?” You hear comments like “you need to clear the left side” and “make space for the arms to swing” but I think there is a different reason for why pushing the hips forward and away from the ball while keeping the head over the ball.

Here is my hypothesis – the classic pro position with hips pushed away from the ball and head over the ball significantly slows the rotation of the hips at exactly the right moment to create maximum clubhead speed at the bottom of the swing. Decelerating the hip rotation creates more clubhead speed. McIlroy seems to be able to stop his hips rotating (or even make the hips counter rotate), the rest of us can benefit by decelerating the hip turn and the key method is “keep the hips in the box” per WayneD.

Try this simple experiment. Stand vertically and make a swing – notice that you can easily swing your body and hips until you face at least 90 degrees left of target (for a right hander). Now get in a golf swing positions and push the hips 45 degrees left and away from the ball with head over the ball position. Notice that your hip and body rotation “stops” about 90 degrees earlier the only way to get around further from here is to stand up straighter – which is what we do as we end the swing.

“hips in the box” stalls the hip rotation at exactly the right part of the swing to create maximum clubhead speed at the ball. The arms and clubs are flung past the stalled hips.

That’s my hypothesis.

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