Pro Tip of the Week: Draw and Fade With Face and Path

By Wayne | Videos: Pro Tip of the Week

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Tom June 3, 2015

I am flattered to receive my FIRST e-mail from you and as usual I always learn something from you that has clarity and is well thought out. Thank you——————————– I spend a fair amount of time with Pat Coyner @ BCC——————who thinks highly of you, and reminds me frequently how much he learned from you as an assistant——tom hurst————PS my hope is that your list of PGA pros will expand after Streelman———if you have any spare time I would love to know your opinion on the “short game” guru James Shiekman?????

John June 3, 2015

For years many of us tried unsuccessfully to shape recovery shots by twisting the clubface through impact.

Tom June 4, 2015

Wayne, Loved the tip on face and path————–although Percy Boomer is ancient history he did leave some significant wisdom behind————–being married to an English teacher for 65 years has had an impact with lexicography on me ———– Boomer confessed in his book “Learning Golf” that he missed used the word TURN for thirty years and as he became wordsmith he really meant TWIST a minute example of how some of your clients may confuse a definition
Another word I would love to hear your take on is —GRAVITY————a word frequently used by PGA professional Teachers————I have never quite understood WHY more attention has not been spent on SEQUENCE DURING THE GOLF SWING——————- MY OPINION———– IF A PLAYER HAS IDEAL TECHNIQUE FROM A TO Z IT WILL FAIL IF OUT OF SEQUENCE—— Exampe—- downswing begins before weight on left foot————-thanks for listening tom hurst

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