Pro Tip of the Week: Do NOT Maintain Your Posture During a Golf Swing

By Wayne | Videos: Pro Tip of the Week

This weeks pro tip is: “Do NOT Maintain Your Posture During a Golf Swing” and features Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

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Robert Holding September 3, 2014

Dear Wayne,

I think your analysis is great, always followed you. Now do you think these top ball strikers consciously compress, and add posture or do they not think about it. That is to say does it just happen because they are good athletes with good postures etc.?

I tend to lift up, and I have tried to consciously to lower. However, I get in a right mess and can’t hit the ball or score when I try it.

Robert Holding

Clinton September 5, 2014

Of all the movements in the golf swing, this one is the one most often got wrong by the TV gang.

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