Photos from The Masters 2015 Day 2 (with captions)

By Wayne | blog

Captions below images (All Photos © Rick Buonincontri):
Day two on the range with Kevin Streelman.

If you don’t like this picture you know nothing about golf.

Checking it out.

The first and the ninth.

What a blast watching the greatest warm-up of all time. Miguel Ángel Jiménez. Full video coming next week.

Tuesday practice round with (left to right) James Hahn, Kevin Streelman, Robert Streb, and Steve Stricker. Played the back nine. What a spectacle. You’ve never seen so many people wondering around on a golf course. It is not unlikely to see a two fisted beer drinker at 9am. The two highlights of the day are Hahn’s hole in one on 12 and Streels skip shot over the water on 16 to 30 feet. They go down to the edge of the lake and hit long irons off the downslope. The ball skips across the lake and runs up onto the green. The crowd roars are incredible.

The skip shot.

Pretty nice pitching area.

The view from 11 tee. Only 510 par 4 with water left and behind the
green. Ho hum.


This shot went into the hole for an ace.

Sweet! Feel the power of the pivot.

On the putting green. The greens are unbelievable. Perfect and fast.

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Matthew Latham April 8, 2015

This is so awesome…I am super jealous!

John April 9, 2015

A few questions if you’re not too busy coaching this week
Was the Hogan down the line swing you always use filmed between the 9th and 18th?
Is Kevin using his normal driver and 3 wood this week? A case could be made for using a strong 3 wood with a draw bias for the 1st downwind, 8th downwind , 9th, 10th, 13th, 14th and. 17th while using a fade biased driver for the 5th, 11th. 15th and 18th.

On 18 do you think it’s better to drive short of the bunker leaving a longer second shot or flirt with the bunker having practiced your fairway bunker shots?

Mark April 14, 2015

I’ve been to St Andrews , but this is truly the holy grail for any golfer.

Wayne you work so hard , I really hope you had a great time , also Miguel is one funny man. I love his warm up routine , but not sure I could get away with it at the local municipal.


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