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I’ll be writing an occasional article for Golfwrx. An excerpt of the most recent one is below and links to the full article are included too.

DeFrancesco: My beef with Brandel, and why I criticize TV announcers

After reading through the GolfWRX forum thread “Brandel Chamblee Says Some Idiotic Things” ( ) and seeing my name come up multiple times I thought I might take a moment to explain why I take the time to challenge Chamblee in video commentary available on my website. It is important to note that, at least in my mind, I did not pick this fight; rather, Chamblee instigated it when he singled out “modern instruction” (the “cookie-cutter, scientific approach to teaching”) as a “cancer” on the game.

In a 2010 interview (, Chamblee had this response to being asked what he meant by ‘cancer on the game’:

“…the golf swing is art, but it is taught as a science. That’s a confining way to learn the game, and it is bad both for players who learn that way — I go back to swings like Scott, Donald and Howell — and for golf in general. When you learn the swing by watching and obsessing over videotape you become fixated on your flaws, on perfection.”

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Mark November 7, 2013

Great article Wayne. You’re right, it’s a form of bullying. He sits there with his preppy hair cut and pearly whites as though “butter wouldn’t melt” while essentially trying to rob intelligent, forward thinking pro’s out of paying lessons.

What irritates me are the club pro’s who regurgitate his ramblings in the name of popularity (aka downright laziness). They just seem hell-bent on burying their head in the sand?

Jim Miller November 8, 2013

My family has several teachers, professors, and even a university prez so I’ve heard abut every theory on learning you can name. The bottom line truth is this: All of us learn slightly differently though we can be classified into several broad groups. Using video,. mirrors, pictures, etc., strongly appeals to one group just as having athletic motion communicated by “feels” may to another. Even others may learn best from print or written instruction just as well. It’s all a matter of degrees. Wayne’s methods appeals to my way of learning but not only golf it’s the “way” I learn best in anything. That’s not to say it may not to Chamblee but that acknowledgement is where the comparisons should stop v bashing one method over the other. All lines & video illustrate is precise or comparative motion. Insted of his useless invective Brandel should be asking himself, ” what does this or that feel like” and, if he’s capable, communicate that instead of denigrating another or their teaching philosophy. Whenever he does he only weakens his own position. Keep up the good work, Wayne.

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