Testimonial: Matt Sughrue

By Wayne | Testimonials

Six years ago I took my first lesson from Wayne. He asked me about my goals. I told him I wanted to get good enough to compete for national championships. Before coming to Wayne, my swing couldn’t perform under tournament pressure. In general, my golf shot patterns were inconsistent. My “bad” shots were so errant as to be “round killers”. And I had no idea why.

Today my swing is more compact and consistent. Wayne has taught me to understand my swing mechanics and correct them when I revert back to bad habits. But most importantly, with Wayne’s help I’m reaching my goals. At this point I’ve qualified for 12 national championships and I expect to qualify for more in the future. It has been a great journey. I credit Wayne as the person most responsible for my game’s improvement. For anyone who is committed to improving their game and willing to work at it, there is no better instructor in the game of golf than Wayne D.!!!

Matt Sughrue