Lesson of the Week: Max Rosenberg

By Wayne | Videos: Lesson of the Week

Max is taking a year off from his job to see how good he can get, and we will follow his progress at least a couple times a month. The first goal when I start with a student is to assess their already formed patterns, keep what works, and change what I see as detrimental to learning to be a superior ball striker. We are also focusing on short game and putting (of course), but some lessons (2 hours once a week) get going on the swing and stay there as we have now identified the most stubborn items and need to spend more initial time focusing on those. The good news is that Max, despite being around a 10 handicap, has things going on in his swing that you would expect to find in much better players. It didn’t take much for Max to get his hands forward at P6 and sustain impact past P7, which for a teacher means that he was able to accomplish one of the most difficult things for lesser players to achieve. I see Max’s major issue as the steepness of his downswing approach and the resulting problems with a release action that wants to drive straight down the line with the face staying square. It doesn’t help that Max is 6’7” and has played with a vertical motion all his life. In general we would like to take advantage of his size and strength and make his swing more efficient, which means keeping his right arm more in front of him in the backswing and shortening his swing length. After that we will keep working on getting him to fell the shallowing of the shaft in the downswing and a release that moves more around on an arc.

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Phil December 23, 2018

Hmmm….take a year off to do nothing but work on the golf game? A 2-hour weekly in-person lesson with Wayne? Sounds like the stuff of dreams to me. Where do I sign up?

But seriously…it’ll be fun to follow Max’s progress. It will be interesting to see what can a person with unlimited physical potential and unlimited time can achieve working with one of America’s best instructors and starting from and a 10 handicap.

Sean December 24, 2018

Something is not right. There are many plus handicaps with a way worse action than this.

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