Lesson of the Week: Lee Vetterl

By Wayne | Videos: Lesson of the Week

This is an essential lesson to watch. It is a great example of a number of issues that we regularly address on the website. Lee is an interesting subject in that he is a mid to high 80’s shooter with a swing that has the sequencing and angle retention that you would see on a Tour player. From down the line, however, some major flaws emerge. The posture is poor, hunched over with the weight favoring the heels, and as the swing starts and progresses it is obvious how the initial posture is affecting what comes after, namely moving forward and upward. When Lee lags the club with this pivot problem going on he winds up in a classic “stuck” approach position. You will never see a better example of this. His release is out to the right with the clubface flipping closed, and it is no wonder his ball striking is erratic.
My first goal is to fix up Lee’s posture. I give him a routine so he can find the new posture on the golf course, and take him through the swing motion that will have his weight moving from the balls of his feet address towards his heels as the swing unfolds, as opposed to moving from the heels toward the toes. I stress the “hands out” move and do some hands on work with Lee, trying to get him to feel how the grip end and the left knee move in unison, with the left knee moving immediately back to the left without sliding to the right. He looks so much better standing up to the ball after improving his posture that my guess is he cannot help but get better.

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Steve May 17, 2014

As you stated, this is the “ultimate” lesson.. In one two hour period the student accomplished each of the main objectives in pivot compression.. Not many student-instructor teams accomplish this.

This is one talented student, whose innate abilities allowed both of you to work on the whole package rather than having to prioritize one or two aspects and leave incorporation of other elements to later sessions. Obviously a few repeat visits will benefit this student but he should see massive improvement if he goes forward with what he learned in these two hours.

Job well done by both.

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