Lesson of the Week: Kayla Perkins

By Wayne | Videos: Lesson of the Week

Kayla is a 13 year old member of my previous club and has pretty much just started getting serious about playing competitive golf. It is always gratifying to work with talent, and when you watch Kayla swing the club with fluidity and speed you know that she has it. When we started her biggest issue was sequence, as she tended to start her downswing by leaning her upper body to left and compounded the problem by releasing the club early, a big cause of erratic club/ball contact. As you can see here, she has made tremendous progress in both respects. I was out on a playing lesson with her back in October and watched her absolutely flush a drive 250 yards. But the biggest jump forward in her game will be when we get the hands more forward at impact without leaning the head in front of the ball. This will also help tremendously with her short game, where contact is everything.

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Leigh August 11, 2014

When Hogan wrote about the throwing motion it may have been before the term “submarine ball” was in use in baseball. That is what this throwing motion is you are talking about, Wayne.

Watch this film of Dan Quizenberry pitching. go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BV8T7Flt7EQ

Just after the 1:00 mark you can see his slow motion delivery– a few seconds later he is mimicking the golf swing in the outfield!!

Clark March 24, 2016

A tip I picked up from Mac O’Grady about lateral movement in the downswing was to drop the right shoulder down vertically at the top and this move automatically drives the hips towards the target. I think Kayla has excellent mechanics for one so young. Good job!

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