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Legends of Golf: Gary Player

He is the most underrated player of the 20th Century. A winner of over 120 tournaments worldwide and 9 major championships Player is not often mentioned in the same breath as Hogan, Snead, Jones, Nicklaus, Nelson and Palmer, although he certainly should be. He was a small guy, much like Hogan, and modeled himself after the Texan, not only in his swing but in his work ethic and dedication to all things that would help him win. He was the first to tout the benefits of physical fitness and strength conditioning, and was not shy in promoting his ideas on the subject, becoming almost off-putting in his evangelical fervor. But Player was somewhat misunderstood as he was not preaching for his own personal gain but rather was just truly interested in educating the masses in matters in which he would eventually be proven prescient.
There are so many interesting things in Player’s swing that here I just ramble through a number of swings pointing out different items such as his footwork, his lack of balance, and his amazing ability to return the club to the original shaft plane on the approach and through impact. Enjoy the swing of a true master.

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