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Keegan Bradley Golf Swing Analyzed

Man, is this a cool swing to watch. I don’t think I have ever seen a player move so much from their heels forward during the swing and not have all sorts of issues getting to the ball. Once again it is proven that you can almost never say “you can’t do this and be good”. I would never in a million years encourage a player to start with their weight far back in their heels and push the whole body forward in the backswing and in transition. However, Bradley does just that and produces Hogan-like positions approaching and passing through impact, which I demonstrate in a side-by-side comparison. Bradley’s hugely full backswing pivot and the incredible rotation called for to save him from the “cross-the-line” position he gets at the top of his swing combine to produce huge amounts of power, and Bradley can truly bomb it. The other item I focus on here is his exit past impact, which is way left as he achieves an astoundingly open position with his body (upper and lower) at impact. He is the poster child for moving 45 degrees left, even as he pushes forward in the backswing. Golf will never cease to amaze me.


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