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K.J. Choi Golf Swing Analysis

When we look at K.J. Choi’s golf swing the first thing that has to come to mind is the obvious look of the dreaded “over the top” move wherein the hands and arms swing out toward the ball as the swing changes direction from backward to forward. Most of us would think that a) he has to be hitting nothing but big weak left to right bending shots, and that b) he can’t be all that good. Of course, neither of those suppositions is true, and watching his swing in detail is another great lesson in the huge amount of variation the game allows as far as technique goes, as well as the relative importance of strength, rhythm and timing, shaft control and clubface control in the act of striking the ball. Could Choi be better if he changed his move to something more conventional? Who knows? What we do know is that he is extremely good as is, and there is no guarantee that what would be considered technically “better” would produce better results. In recent times Padraig Harrington comes to mind as a player who wanted better technique, and if he has achieved it that change certainly has not brought about better results. However, the choice to change or not is always the player’s choice, as taking instruction is, and always will be, entirely voluntary. My guess is that as good as Choi is playing he will leave well enough alone and not mess with it.


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