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Justin Rose Golf Swing Analyzed

When good players change their swings there is always an element of interested observers who question the sensibility of trying to fix something that “ain’t broke”. That is certainly true of less talented players, who even ask me why I would bother practicing (the insinuation being that anyone who can hit a decent shot should just be happy with whatever produced it). You would have to say that Justin Rose has always had a “good” swing, good, in this case, summing up a whole bunch of things that have come together to make him a solid Tour player year in and year out. It is quite interesting to see the changes that Rose has made under Sean Foley, especially since the swing he changed from was viewed as one of the best on Tour. Many players speak of how they have “changed” their view of the swing and are working on this and that, but when you watch them swing there is no apparent change. Teachers who don’t work with video are famous for reinforcing the “feelings” their students vocalize after each shot. “Yeah, that was better”, is a common refrain from such instructors, when the truth is that while the shot may have been better there is no proof that the swing that produced the shot was any different from any other previous swing. In this case, however, we see the results of working with a teacher (Sean Foley) who works constantly with video, and that is a measurably different swing. Whether it is better is a matter of preference and opinion, and as you will see in the video there are things I think are improved and others that I would say aren’t. One thing is for sure, Rose is playing at a higher level the last two years.

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