Jordan Spieth and Danny Willett Putting (with Bernhard Langer extra)

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

Here are a few things we can all learn from watching Jordan Spieth and Danny Willett putt at the Masters. Scroll down past the Spieth and Willett video to see the Langer extra. Spieth has proven himself to have taken over from Tiger Woods as the best putter on the planet, and Willett putted like a genius on Sunday at Augusta to win his first major. The shots of Spieth are from face on while he is on the practice green, which is nice as TV rarely gets a good face on shot of putting during a tournament. Willett’s are during play, and we get some interesting camera angles to study which highlight some important elements. Overall, both choose the left hand low grip, with Spieth’s hands much closer together than Willett’s, but they both are rock solid stable, maintaining the angles they set in their wrists both back and through the stroke. Both set their weight slightly left and keep as still as possible with the lower while using the upper trunk to move the arms and hands. Both follow the roll of the ball fairly quickly as it rolls off the putter face, which may be surprising to some who believe that you should keep staring at the ground where the ball used to be until it goes in the hole. I never believed this was a good idea, and these two guys corroborate my feeling. A great worm’s eye view of Willett shows how he weighs the putter in his hands and gets the putter slightly off the ground before the takeaway to ensure a smooth backswing.
Bernhard Langer extra:

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Scott May 4, 2016

I watched Langer putt the last nine holes at Naples earlier in the season. At that point he made a very clear adjustment right before the real putt. He also had some really bad putts with horrible speed control. I was very surprised he kept with it.

Chuck May 4, 2016

Yup, sure looked like Langer was anchoring but who knows?

Rusty May 11, 2016

Touching clothing is not necessarily anchoring. Just like touching grass is not grounding the club in a hazard. It gets really messy with loose shirts and sweaters. Maybe everybody who uses the long putter in Langer fashion should be required to dress like Sergio and Rory.

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