Jason Day’s Golf Swing Analyzed

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

At first glance it might seem that Jason Day creates tremendous speed by just using his arms, as his body seems to move far less than most Tour pros, at least in the backswing. That, however, is only partially true. What is true is that unlike most of his counterparts Day does not lower at all in the backswing or in transition. His swing progression is most decidedly upward and in front of him, and his 16 degree rise from shaft plane to the top of the swing is one of the largest on Tour. In transition he manages to make a huge lateral move without noticeable pushing off the ground, although I would argue that he is still using the ground to effect the “45 degree slide” that I often talk about in describing the optimum lower body movement to initiate the forward swing. His arms stay in front of him coming down, and he approaches and delivers the club from a position far above his original starting hand position. In another interesting dichotomy, he moves his hands nicely outward toward the ball while letting the upper right arm momentarily fall backwards. If that seems like it would cause problems it doesn’t in his case for the simple reason that he is incredibly strong and talented. He maintains perfect control of his body and his right arm still ends up unstuck and in front of his rib cage on the approach. While this is not a technique I would want a lesser talent to copy, it certainly works for him, although I believe it could be a bit better. But, as we have seen with any number of great players, talent is more important than technique, and certainly helps overcome any difficulties that are encountered. The great question, as always, is whether or not changing would lead to improvement or detract from what is a natural “feel”.

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John Neeson December 17, 2012

I read that he advocated ‘releasing’ the club from the top of the swing as opposed to delaying the uncocking of the wrists. But looking at this, he had as much lag as just about anyone. Even with driver, his hands are nearly level with the ball when the shaft is still parallel to the ground. So maybe even what biomechanics experts ‘do’ and ‘feel’ can be very different. Still being built like Tarzan, partying with Errol and hitting the ball 400 with an old balata….who wouldn’t want some of that?

Michael September 22, 2015

Brandel Chamblee did a side-by-side analysis of Jason Day’s swing now (after the BMW) compared to a year ago and pointed out a whole lot of changes that he reckoned were improvements. To me both swings looked identical, I certainly could not see the things that Brandel was pointing out. He wasn’t drawing any lines so I’m suspecting its all guesswork on Brandel’s part. David Duval made a comment about a difference in Day’s body coil but that was after the analysis video, so I could not see that.

I reckon the main difference between Jason now and a year ago may be in his self belief but I’m interested to know Wayne whether you see any significant changes in his swing in the last year.

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