Swing Analysis: Hunter Mahan at the Ryder Cup: Anatomy of a Pitch Shot Under Pressure

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

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David February 25, 2012

Mahan sucks at chipping. Just ask Rory: “We all know Hunter’s not the best chipper in the world.” He’s not very subtle, is he? That being his response when asked about the situation after the Ryder Cup. Hunter’s actually improved his chipping slightly, and I’m sure he’s still working hard on it, but, as you pointed out here, his technique is sketchy.
Hunter also blocks a lot of shots from the fairway, ESPECIALLY with his long irons…and you know what, so does Adam Scott. Why? I’m not sure, though I could probably make a video and guestimate.
But I won’t.
Anyway, this is a very interesting video. And it’s pretty spot-on, as far as I can tell. Where’s the rest of it? The demonstrations…

…G-Mac is awful, but he is SO clutch. If Rory were that clutch, it’d be hard to say just what kind of damage he would do in this game. Suffice it say, it would be substantial.
Where is Wayne, anyway? I’m surprised he didn’t tell me to go to hell after the Rory Revisited tirade.

It’s always very interesting, at least to me, to take note of the similarites that exist in people’s swings with their long clubs, wedges, and putter.
You will never see someone who swings the club with the tempo of a Nick Price have a putting stroke like Ben Crenshaw (there are always exceptions, but almost never). You can see the way Hunter pitches in the way he swings. That’s vague, but you know perfectly well what I mean. It’s true. You can.

“He’s probably good at these shots”? He’s awful at those shots. You seem to know the swings of players far better than the players themselves. And that’s not surprising, as it kind of is your job and all.
Alright, I think that’s enough videos for a Saturday morning. Just scoopin’ out the place. Seein’ what’s what. I like it. Cool site.

David February 25, 2012

“You seem to know the swings of players far better than the players themselves” — this sentence is meant to suggest, not that you know their swings better than they do, but that you know their swings better than you know their games. It’s a vague sentence and can have multiple meanings, so this is me clarifying it.
…Because Hunter is renowned as being a subpar chipper/pitcher.

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