Haney and Tiger: My Two Cents

By Wayne | blog

I’m not sure why I would expect Hank Haney to be above any certain kind of behavior, but nevertheless I find myself not buying into Haney’s rationalizations regarding the writing and publishing of his Tiger tell-all “The Big Miss”. To sum it up, the book shouldn’t have been written. A golf instructor is many things to a student, but surely one is that of an unconditional supporter who is caring and loyal to the player. While there is a relationship the instructor will never gossip about the player. After the relationship ends the instructor with character will continue to observe the no-gossip rule and refrain from speaking poorly about his former student. That’s just the way it seems to me like it should be: obviously Haney doesn’t feel that way.
When Tiger selected Hank he gave him the ultimate compliment as a teacher and pretty much set Hank up for life. But that’s not good enough for Haney, who wants to transcend teaching golf and become a celebrity golf instructor. And by that I don’t mean one who teaches celebrities, I mean a celebrity in his own right. How else do you explain his serial Twittering? He’s a guy who’s fallen in love with his own voice and reflection, and of course everyone wants to know everything he is doing at any and every moment of every day. He’s got his TV show, now he’s got his book, and everybody wants to talk to Hank. Meanwhile, Tiger is just trying to put his deal back together and now he has this to deal with. Thanks, Hank. I guess Tiger didn’t do enough for you to keep you from describing in detail his personal and private interactions with his wife Elin. Haney claims to be reporting pertinent historical information about a historical figure, but in reality he just wants more attention. Tiger has certainly dug enough of a hole for himself: he doesn’t really need Haney tossing the dirt back in on top of him. Nobody likes a snitch, and it would be hard for anyone to trust the guy after doing this to Tiger.
I certainly will not buy this book, and I hope whoever reads this can find the will to leave it sit there on the bookstore shelf.

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Adam Auger March 29, 2012

Wayne, you’re probably disappointed in me but I have already read some of the book, about a 3rd it. It was a gift so that should give me some slack. I know that you have said that you think Tiger’s swing was improving with Haney, but so far I am shocked on how crappy his teaching seemed to be, no camara, the plane line is parallel to the shaft plane, Tiger was constantly “stuck.” But the best part was early in the book that John Jacobs said many great players came “out” starting the down swing and shallowed the shaft, which I found shocking because it appeared he learnt that in the mid 70’s but didn’t really say much about it again yet. However he later said his reason for the “parallel to the shaft plane” theory, throughout the whole swing back and through, was based on Hogan’s technique. Yes Hogan… the player who shallowed the shaft substantially then steepened it substantially on the downswing. He said he put Hogan on video and drew the lines???? He has gone on about the swing a bit but it’s pretty elementary stuff so far.

Tom March 31, 2012

Enhancing ones reputation on the back of someone who is as famous as Tiger seems to be in vogue in our society today. I watched a Haney school from afar at Hilton Head while visiting a dear friend. Milton Friedman once said–” you don’t have to drink the ocean to know the water is salty” Busloads of youngsters pour into his school in two shifts daily– 5 or 6 days a week (75) per shift X 2. They line up and begin striking golf balls on a huge range. Then “The Dali LLama” parades by each station and may or may not make a comment. I was not close enough to evaluate the quality of his remarks.
My opinion is that this is very harmful to the profession and golf teachers who really are concerned about their students progress.
My long winded point is ——- it’s not a surprise to me that Haney is more interested in worshipping money and personal fame than keeping sacrosanct a privare relationship with a famous client. Very unprofessional!!!!!!

Pink April 20, 2012

Wayne, you are right on about Haney. A real teacher is more interested in the right Golf swing and sharing that with his students whether they are famous or just wanting to get better. The teacher gets his satisfaction and success from those two goals. You seem to have those two passions. Plus you want to get better as a player. I have been to Jim McLean, Dean Reinmouth, Mike Abbott (who worked for Haney), worked some with Byron Nelson, and Loren Roberts. This was all back 1996, 97, 98 and 99. Anyway the point is you are the first Teacher or in my opinion my definition of a teacher. Haney is interested in his own personal edification and isn’t satisfied he did his best for Tiger.

David Kiley April 24, 2012

Well said Wayne; it is disappointing to think that such a breach of professionalism and lack of compassion for a family, not only Tiger, would motivate someone who is so blessed with fortune???

Vic January 23, 2014

I read this book from cover to cover, not just once, but twice. I couldn’t put the book down either time I read it. It was a highly enjoyable read, and I didn’t think it was disrespectful to Tiger at all.

Read the book, you will not be sorry for doing so.

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