Hand Movement From the Top of the Swing: A Look at the Top 20 Golf Players in the World Rankings

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

The entire purpose of this video is to record observations of a particular part of the swing as practiced by the top 20 players (according to the “World Rankings”). Too many acceptable variations are castigated by TV announcers who have not done their homework when it comes to knowing what the best players do. Video swing analysis is a powerful tool when it comes to teaching a player how to improve his or her swing.

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Tom April 9, 2014

I often wonder what is the time frame for top players (tour) to swing the golf club WITHOUT any swing thought whatsoever, and play as if they were walking or turning on the ignition in their car—– that is THOUGHTLESSLY.———–IT IS JUST AN OPINION BUT PLAYERS LIKE BRUCE LITZKE who was very successful for many years, rarely spent hours on the practice tee, but when he showed up for a tourney—-he simply turned on the ignition. My point is ALL SWING THOUGHTS WHILE PLAYING IN HEAVY COMPETITION ARE DISTRACTIONS. I would love to hear you response as I know of NO TEACHER I HAVE FOLLOWED ASSIDUOUSLY THAT I HAVE MORE RESPECT FOR———————– that includes knowledge, experience and most importantly the courage to speak with clarity and not guess what the political climate is —–thank you for listening

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