Dustin Johnson Swing Analysis

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

Here is a look at Dustin Johnson’s golf swing which shares some interesting characteristics with the swing of Lee Trevino.

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John January 27, 2015

Hi Wayne
As Dustin Johnson returns to action I looked at your analysis of his swing.
He must have superhuman strength and/or be double jointed to get that left wrist into that position at the top? I’m pretty flexible and could barely hold the club when imitating it.The tension went right down the arm and into the shoulder so how he gets the arm that high up and extended is incredible.
Then, how does get any whip or sling from that position ? If he changed to a square wrist at the top (albeit wrecking his game) you would imagine he could create way more lag and another 10mph speed.
Then, how does he finish so low and not hook the ball off the planet? I had always thought people with extremely shut clubfaces needed extended anti hook finishes (Arnold Palmer,JIm Thorpe)
This is one swing I cannot fathom. Do you believe any instructor who tried to change it would totally wreck him beyond repair?

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