Drills: The Sustain Through Impact Drill

By Wayne | Videos: Faults, Fixes and Drills

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Tom July 15, 2013

For what it’s worth, I have benefited from filming my attempts at the drills Wayne has me working on. I used to think they would automatically be correct with such a small movement but unfortunately, that hasn’t always been the case and I’ve found times where I am practicing them incorrectly.

Everett July 15, 2013

Good point.

Clinton July 23, 2013

I do this too. I also find filming is even better than mirror work, even when I’m doing something very simple like practicing my takeaway from address to shaft parallel. Side note: someone should email brandel and ask what he thinks about using video for drills. He’d probably fall out of his golf channel chair.

Tom June 20, 2015

This is another example of a drill that I think is a microcosm of the fundamentals of the full swing. My problem seems to focus on NOT BEING ABLE to have my weight shift to the left side prior ( right sequence) to impact. Can you suggest a drill that would aid SEQUENCE????? tom hurst

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