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Changes are coming to!(scroll down for new posts as this announcement will show as the first post for a week or so.)

We have been hard at work making changes to the technology platform we use to operate the website. This is an upgrade that will support our plans to introduce improvements and features to our members in the months ahead. One thing in particular that you should notice immediately when we switch over is that the new site should be faster and more responsive. While we are trying to keep everything as familiar to the existing site as possible, there are some specific things that we need to let you know about:

Name change: Most people inside golf know Wayne as “Wayne D” so when we had the opportunity to get the domain “” we took it! It is a lot easier to spell and requires less key strokes so this should be a win all around. But don’t worry, if you forget we will be redirecting to the new website address for quite some time.

Mandatory Password Reset: We have migrated your account information such as usernames and membership levels but for security reasons cannot import existing passwords to the new system as each password is encrypted. You will be required to reset your password the first time you login to the website using the Password Reset button:

[button link=””]RESET MY PASSWORD![/button]

My Account: A new feature that provides an account management capability for members. Initially this will allow members to change passwords and Premium members to update credit cards info. We will be adding more items here at some point in the future.

Finally, if you experience any issues or difficulties, we want to know! Please contact us using our support form or relpy to this email to Please describe the problem, screenshots not required but can be helpful.

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