Chamblee on Tiger’s Short Game at Isleworth

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

I’ve tried to avoid doing as many of this type of video (although I know everybody on the website enjoys them) because we are trying primarily to focus on making people better golfers, not on dwelling on ridiculous commentary from the TV guys. But I get so annoyed listening to Brandel Chamblee that when it’s clear that he is purposely overreacting and making unbelievable statements (such as “I doubt that there is a single amateur player at this club as bad around the greens as Tiger was this week”, or “this is the worst short game display I’ve ever seen put on display by a professional golfer in any tournament, anywhere, anywhere in the world I’ve never seen anything that bad by a professional golfer”) that I just can’t help myself. And when he starts to get into the technique aspect of the shots he’s just as bad. His comments about Tiger’s right arm being “flat” and his “release patterns” are nonsensical. The guy used to be a good player. How about going out and hitting a few of the shots, or giving the viewers a closer look at the types of lies the players are facing and the options they have to play the shots. But no, he just takes every opportunity to hammer Tiger and throw in a barb at Sean Foley, another person he seems to hate with all his being. I can’t wait for the day where either Chamblee is gone or I get a chance to sit next to him and at least show people just how hateful and uninformed he really is. When I talk to people about this they usually say something like “well, you’re talking about him aren’t you? Isn’t that what he’s hired for? Yes, I suppose so, but that doesn’t mean he has a free pass to be entirely disrespectful of the one guy who has made his career as a golf broadcaster possible, as I can guarantee you the Golf Channel never would have made it if Tiger had never existed.

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John Neeson January 9, 2015

I wouldn’t take TV golf commentators to seriously. If they could still play or they were good teachers, they’d be somewhere else. The fact that most newsreaders are plastic-smile, shop dummies, is based on the same principle.
It would have been interesting to see a face on view of Tiger to check his ball position. We play on kikuyu fairways which is just as grainy as bermuda, only tougher. One of my regular playing partners can’t hit it over a jam tin but is the best chipper I have ever seen. He uses the Speith technique – ball off the back foot with tons of shaft lean and chips it to a foot almost every time from anywhere.
If you get this wrong it can get in your head a bit. But if you are playing off grainy grass a lot you just have to expect to flub one a round…but 3 or 4…?

Mark January 9, 2015

Hi Wayne

Please take this with the most respect about the US, but this is just typical of the media there. If its not a crisis it doesn’t make good TV.

This is child’s play compared to Fox news or cupcake wars :)

Matthew Latham January 10, 2015

Some ridiculous comments by BrandeI. Having met the guy at a tournament I played in where he gave the opening remarks, I can vouch for the fact that he is a first class plonker!
Also agree with Mark…Fox news is a joke!

Mark January 10, 2015

I bet Brandell looks dashing in his fez. The Royal Order of the Jock Sucking Bull, is rumoured to be his home lodge.

Jack January 23, 2015

Quite a long time ago, Paul Azinger was diagnosed with cancer in his shoulder. He had surgery and was unable to play competitively for quite some time. During many of the months of his rehab his doctors would allow him only to practice putting and chipping around the green. It was quite a while before his shoulder was strong enough to take full swings again, and so he compensated by practicing his short game, somewhat obsessively according to him.

What was the worst part of his game when he did come back to the tour?

His short game, especially chipping! I remember seeing him in an interview where he explained his frustration with not playing well around the greens after having put so much time into it in practice while not playing on the tour.

I’m going to speculate that Tiger’s troubles at Isleworth had more to do with the time away from competitive play than anything else. Practice is just not the same as competition.

Brent February 11, 2015

2 more tournaments. A WD. He still can’t chip. He’s my favourite golfer. It’s hard to watch.

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