Chamblee on McIlroy: “Insufficient”, or Less Than Stellar Lower Body Movement

By Wayne | Videos: As Seen On TV and Extras

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John Neeson June 15, 2013

As for the foot ‘spinning out’….it was cold and wet at Wentworth and having played there many times, the tees are shaved down with very fine turf and sandy/flinty soil underneath. Especially with soft spikes, feet have been known to slip.
Does this comedian actually play golf any more?

Everett June 16, 2013

Wayne, I’m surprised you missed his comments on Tigers very short swing and its the reason he plays poorly all the time now. That and the dribble on him being very closed at the top.

Hasn’t Tiger won like 50% of his tournaments this year or something crazy like that. Every time he talks I smile knowing ‘here it comes’.

And lastly, every bad shot ever hit according to Johnny Miller is because of nerves. Pressure and nerves. Nerves and pressure. Club face left open…. Club face yanked shut….. All nerves. It is nerves. He’s gotten on mine.

J June 30, 2013

Starting at 5:43 on the comparison, at address it appears to me that Rory’s hips are closed relative to his shoulders and Byron’s hips are aligned with his. Sure the cameras aren’t positioned exactly the same but even though the toe line and shoulder line are almost exactly the same for both players the hip line is quite a bit different. Anyone else see what I see? Do you think it matters? If so why? If not why?

John Neeson July 1, 2013

Always hard to tell with camera angles and the camera can’t show what is in the players’ heads. This hole at Wentworth requires a slinging draw from the tee and Rory’s foot line is very closed off, which no doubt helped to close his hips.
The greats played with all sorts of stances, (eg Snead and Trevino were dead opposite), so I don’t take much notice of that in people who are already good.
I think Rory’s problem is upstairs at the moment. He looked like s**t in his interview after missing the cut in Ireland. Very negative comments, that you’d never hear from a Nicklaus or Woods. I think he’d be better off with a little less celeb and money culture, new clubs, making TV ads and travelling the globe with his girlfriend. She was the second highest-earning femal athlete in 2011. God knows how but maybe she taught Rory the commercial distractions, (as her WR was going south). We’d all love to have such things but he doesn’t seem to be handling it well and still has a lot of maturing to do.

J July 1, 2013

Okay I guess I wasn’t clear in making my point. Really I’d like to hear some thoughts regarding the comparison of two set-ups that look very similar but yet on closer inspection show two rather different hip alignments. One player with hips and shoulders aligned relative to each other with right foot pulled back (Byron) vs the other who’s hips and shoulders are not aligned relative to each other but are actually quite crossed with the shoulders being open relative to the hips (Rory). Both Brandel and Wayne show and comment on the shoulder and toe line but neither comments on the hip line. Guess I’m the only one who sees there is a difference or thought it mattered. I suppose it doesn’t matter, that is, lining up with the hips open, closed, or square to the shoulders and that one doesn’t need to pay any attention to that as long as their shoulders are lined up with the target. Although I do feel that Rory’s crossed alignment at address was a contributing factor to his poor shot.

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