Basic Debunking the Myths


As Seen on TV: Debunking the swing myths espoused by golf’s television announcers.

After you read this and watch these two videos, just try and tell me when announcers proclaim you must “keep you head from dipping” they are not feeding the viewing public a load of misinformation (make sure and scroll down to see all the content on this page).

Site Member Comment: Ben
“Alright Wayne. I know this an older video but I’ve just watched it again and its an absolute classic…It was actually the first video of yours I ever watched and it was the catalyst for me staying and getting into your methods.”

Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan, Johnny Miller, Brandel Chamblee – Swing Analysis:

It is my contention that what announcers say is important, millions of players tune in to their broadcasts are influenced to various degrees by what they say. When they (unintentionally) mislead the viewing public on matters of swing technique I feel I have an obligation to my students and web visitors to point out these errors to counter the effects of this misinformation. The most egregious of these myths that they should stop perpetuating is lowering during the swing. Johnny Miller himself lowered a tremendous amount in his downswing, at least as much as Tiger if not more. That in itself is more than revealing: it means that Miller has no real idea of what made him so great, only what he “felt” that he did.

I am dealing with just what is in front of me. Video does not lie and if you do the homework and study your subject matter these items that I continually point out are fairly obvious. The great players have not “maintained their level” during their swings. Not in the past, and not now.  The best players of any generation you want to view lowered during their swings, some only in the downswing (Nelson, Miller), and some only in the backswing, and most both back and down. Why this is so hard to accept I can’t begin to tell you. I happen to believe that it is a tremendous benefit to all golfers to learn to use the ground to help create powerful pivot movement. Having Miller, Gary Koch, Bill Kratzert, Peter Kostis, Brandel Chamblee and whoever else you want to name continue to mislead the public on this important point is something I intend to continue to address. So if you watch the telecast and hear one of these guys spouting off on someone’s “dipping” problem you can expect another video from me.

Site Member Comment: David
“I think there are a couple, maybe more than few announcers who just don’t like Tiger. You are absolutely correct in your assessment that Tiger’s “moving head” becomes the cause célèbre with each bad shot he makes on TV. I never noticed it until you pointed it out. It’s both comical and annoying at the same time.
You are also the only player and instructor that I know of, who points out that lowering the head is a hallmark action of most good players The more I study the swing the more I have those slap myself in the forehead, eureka moments when I log on here and peruse your ideas. Thank you so much, Wayne for the excellent website. Particularly the swing analyses. I do a little bit of this on my own when I see someone at my local range who doesn’t mind me video recording their swing. It’s really helpful. Thanks again.”

Johnny Miller Just Doesn’t Get It:

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