Basement Tapes: Wayne D. In the Basement: Improved Grip

By Wayne | Videos: Basement Tapes

This is the first significant grip change I’ve made in almost 20 years, and by moving my right hand grip more up into the fingers I am feeling an increased ability to cock my wrists and open the face in the backswing. I’ve also been working consistently on loading back into my right hip while increasing pressure into the ground under the inside of my right foot and I am trying to focus on bending the left wrist down approaching impact (Hogan’s “supination” move) and all the way past the strike, as I have found that while I used to do that without thought I have not been doing that for quite some time.

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Charles August 10, 2017

Great stuff here! Thanks for posting the article too. I didn’t see that and it’s funny because I was just commenting in another forum post on how there is so much conflicting information on whether Ben Hogan was left or right handed.

Todd August 10, 2017

In my opinion the bowing of the left wrist (supination) is the most important and least talked about aspect of a successful golf swing. If the face of the club is not positioned properly approaching impact, all sorts of undesirable adjustments will occur. You are one of the only teachers I hear consistently mentioning it.

I ignored this concept for most of my 47 years of playing golf thinking that the squaring of the face “just happens.” I have recently been focusing more of my attention on this action, with extremely promising results: better shaft lean, better sustain, and more solid impact.

Ellsworth September 20, 2017

I reviewed this post since I asked about cupping the left wrist in the backswing(9/11) and after reviewing your swing changes post , I think I better understand the role of cupping.
Thanks, Ellsworth (Oz) Ludwig

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