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Pivot Compression Golf Swing: 28. Medium and Long Wedge Shots

By Wayne | Videos: PCGS lesson series

Now we take the 30 yard pitch technique and modify it for longer shots. I like to start with a maximum yardage for the most lofted club (my 58 degree wedge) and until I get to about 60 % of that yardage I will think of the shot as subtracting from full. In other words, since I hit my 58 a maximum of 85 yards in the air, if I have shots that are 80, 70 and down to about 60 yards I will feel the amount of swing as a percentage of the full swing. Thus, a 60-65 yard shot becomes in my mind a 3/4 shot, while a 70 yard shot would be a bit less cut off from full. 50 yards is about the furthest out I’ll get where I’ll try to get an exact yardage to carry.

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