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A Wee Bit of Scotland

By Wayne | Articles: General Golf

You may be wondering (at least those of you with a bent for literature) why I would choose a passage from an English poet when writing about my experience in Scotland. There may be no answer good enough for a Scotsman (who dislike the English to the extreme), but suffice it to say that Wordsworth’s thoughts truly represent the way I feel about my visit there.

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Gaining Perspective

By Wayne | Articles: Tour Players

“Death is our eternal companion,” don Juan said with a most serious air. “It is always to our left, at an arm’s length. It has always been watching you. It always will until the day it taps you.” “How can anyone feel so important when we know that death is stalking us?” he asked.

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Doomed to Chop

By Wayne | Articles: Lessons with Stan

Stan and I go way back, back to his start in the game (alas, I am partially responsible), back to his ex-wives and ex-girlfriends who have not survived his desperate search for mediocrity. Thinking of Stan’s golf game already has me unconsciously removing my cap and rubbing my forehead, something I am prone to do often in our hour of…what should I call it? Education? Instruction? Futility? No apt words of description come to me.

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The Treacherous Art of Putting (part 1)

By Wayne | Articles: The Golf Swing, Short Game and Putting

Who among us has never missed a 2 foot putt? I’ve certainly misfired on more than a few in my career, as has every player I’ve ever known. That distance, 2 feet, is microscopic when compared to the distance traveled to get to that point, and yet it is one of the strange attributes of the game of golf that the traversing of that final 2 feet is valued exactly the same as the 280 yard drive that opened the journey to the cup.

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