As Seen on TV: Kratzert on Woods: Head Steady? I Don’t Think So

By Wayne | Videos: As Seen On TV and Extras

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Ivan Fredriksson April 28, 2013

Kratzert Bringing up the head “dip” Billy Kratzert.has no idea what he is talking about, he has not stuided all of the greatest swings in the history of the game. All the great ballstrikers compress into the ground, they all squat down in the downswing. And most of them lower gradually some in the backswing and some in the downswing.

But the shaft at impact doesn’t have to lean back with the driver to create a positive attack angle. You can hit up on the ball and still have the shaft leaning forward a substantial amount and still have a positive AoA with the driver, this will reduce the spinloft which will give you less spin. So just because the shaft has some forward lean to it that doesn’t necessarily mean that the attack angle is down.

    asher ingber April 28, 2013


    You couldn’t be more dead on…

Jake April 29, 2013

Hate to see Billy so off on his commentary here. I met him before and he was a really cool dude. Maybe he should just stick to golf commentary?

Johan October 12, 2013

Aren’t these guys at all interested in what people think of them and their way of commenting the game?? If I had their job I sure as hell would try to find out what the public liked and disliked about my comments. These guys seems to be immune to other people’s disliking of their stupidity. Search youtube of slow motion swing, golf swing, Tiger Woods or anything related to swinging a club and Wayne’s videos will appear – and so will our comments….

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