As Seen on TV: Chamblee is Dead Wrong Again

By Wayne | Videos: As Seen On TV and Extras

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Aman April 16, 2014

When I first saw the caption for this videos, I wasn’t sure where this was going. As soon as i saw the player he was talking about was Gary Woodland, I just thought to myself “Huh, what the heck is he talking about?” I know Chamblee can reach for things but this left me almost speechless.

With that being said, Wayne, I would be curious to get your input on whether you can have too much lag with a driver? It’s a concept that I have heard get talked about in regards to the driver specifically as having too much lag can cause too much of a descending blow with the driver, which gives you less than ideal launch conditions. Curious on your thoughts about this idea.

WD Admin April 16, 2014

Hey Aman, while you’re waiting on Wayne’s reply check out these two videos related to your question. Joseph creates a ton of lag with his driver and you’ll see the move he ends up making to compensate so he can get the club on the ball without hitting down on it or hitting the ground. ouch.

Joseph Barr Part 1

Joseph Barr Part 2

Ryan April 16, 2014

Brandel is a blow hard and trying to be an expert without any credentials. I want to know why GC keeps bringing former tour players, without any major success as their experts. I understand they made it on tour for a while; but why Chamblee, Oberholser, Isenhour, et al? I respect the older teachers and classic methods as well as the newer instructors. I don’t agree with all of the old school nor all of the TGM new school either. But any good scientist attempts to validate his work by trying to DISPROVE his theorem. Jerks like Brandel spout “wisdom” without proof – which is much more akin to religion!

I’m “preaching to the choir” here but the best thing to do is not watch them I guess.

Mark April 18, 2014

I agree with you, Jesse. Part of me wants to petition TGC to get Wayne back but the other part of me thinks, screw them. If they’re not smart enough to work it out then I’m happy to keep getting better while others founder. Though I suspect Waynes’ pocket may disagree.

Clinton April 19, 2014

I always enjoy the truth having its day. Nice job debunking the Chamblee machine as always, Wayne.

I know being a TV analyst is not an easy job, and probably carries a lot of pressure with it. But I’m still not sure why A LOT of the TV folk feel the need to ignore the wide spectrum of techniques that have proved successful. Brandel’s doing that here when he says you’ve got to pick the ball to control your distance at Augusta. The truth is that all kinds of techniques, from a Mark McCumber forward press footlong divot, to the Moe Norman grass brushing type divot, have all worked to hit a golf ball. My wish is that the TV analysts would be more acknowledging and accepting of the myriad of successful styles, PAST AND PRESENT, and rejoice in them, instead of trying to be so exclusionary. Bubba, Miguel, Spieth, Kuchar…..all were battling for the same green jacket last Sunday. Their styles (and ages) couldn’t be more different. THAT’S a HUGE PART of what makes this game so fascinating.

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