Angel Cabrera: Old School Golf Swing Analyzed

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

Lost in the shuffle of the hectic finish at this year’s Masters was Angel Cabrera, who was right there in the thick of things until his putter gave out on the back nine. In this video we look at Cabrera’s swing in all its free flowing, old school glory as he rips into the ball with gleeful abandon. Certainly this is no manufactured swing borne of video analysis and hours of poring over positions and conforming to swing theories. This is just a prime example of a brutally strong, ultra –talented player who knows how to put the club on the ball and doesn’t really worry too much about exactly how he’s doing it.
Two things stand out in Cabrera’s swing that separate him from the typical modern player: one is the large amount of lateral movement both back and through, and the other is the use of the right arm, with the elbow bent well past 90 degrees and the forearm almost parallel to the ground. He manages both idiosyncrasies with wonderful rhythm and sequence, and his right arm reverse movement is reminiscent of Hogan, although the extreme amount of bend in the arm at the top leads to a high approach into impact. All in all he’s a powerful, exciting player who I would certainly follow if I were attending a tournament.

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Cary June 6, 2018

The down the line view of Cabrera since he is aligned so far left, during the setup the lines Wayne draws for the legs is askew because the right knee is on the line but the left the left knee is far off. So Cabrera’s left knee moves way more out of the box than it appears and is not symmetrical with the right knee moving back, this because he has a lot of hip turn but looks less because the hips are so open.

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