Pivot Compression Golf Swing: No. 8 – Body Pivot Compression: Backswing

By Wayne | Videos: PCGS lesson series

We have discussed the feel of compression in the feet, and now we go over the body movement that creates that feeling of pressure into the ground.

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Neil September 13, 2013

Would it make sense to concentrate more on what the left knee is doing? I currently have a three lower body faults I’m trying to improve: 1) swaying a little off the ball; 2) left knee breaking inside a little too much and 3) right hip not getting deep enough

By concentrating on holding the address position of the left knee more, this seems to help improve all of the above.

It also, means that the right hip has no option but to go back and deeper.

This seems to be working for me but just wondering if this could lead to problems?

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