V1 Golf Upload (iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch)

The key to a successful upload using the V1 Golf software is setting up the academy and instructor. These instructions are for “i” products but Android should be similar.


You must first set up an account at this url or the list of academies will not appear. The V1 Golf app doesn’t properly register you from within the app if you touch “New account” it will not work correctly. You have to set of your new account first from this url:


After setting up your account online launch the V1 Golf app.

Login when the V1 app launches, unless you have automatic login already set up.

Next go to the “Locker” page (the lock icon at the bottom left of the screen) when you see the select academy page touch the “+” sign at the upper right corner of the screen. IMPORTANT! if you touch “V1 Golf Academy” you will NOT see Wayne DeFrancesco Golf Academy in the list. You have to touch the “+” sign to see the list of Academies. if you did touch “V1 Golf Academy” you’ll need to go back, start over, and make certain you touch the “+” sign.

Scroll all the way down to “Wayne DeFrancesco Golf Academy” and select it.

Next you’ll see a list of Pros and the only one to select is “DeFrancesco, Wayne” so select “DeFrancesco, Wayne” and press the green button that says “Use this academy & pro”.

The app should bring you back to the “Select academy” page where you’ll see “V1 Golf Academy” and also “Wayne DeFrancesco Golf Academy” select “Wayne DeFrancesco Golf Academy”.

Once “Wayne DeFrancesco Golf Academy” is selected open (Analyze) the video you want to send.

Then press the “V1” icon at the top left of your screen, then press, “send video”.

Then all you have to do is wait to be contacted.

We hope this helps and if you have any questions at all please contact us.