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Swing Analysis: Wedge Play with Jordan Spieth, Patrick Reed and Brooks Koepka

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

This video should help dispel some faulty ideas about pitching, specifically about using the bounce versus forward leaning the club into impact. If you listen to the TV announcers there seems to be an inclination to suggest that all pitch shots “use the bounce”, but I think you will see here that that is not the case. Before we get to that aspect let’s just be sure to note that all these players make full use of their pivot in order to properly sequence the swing and to get the body to lead the hands and arms into the shot.

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Pivot Compression Golf Swing: 28. Medium and Long Wedge Shots

By Wayne | Videos: PCGS lesson series

Now we take the 30 yard pitch technique and modify it for longer shots. I like to start with a maximum yardage for the most lofted club (my 58 degree wedge) and until I get to about 60 % of that yardage I will think of the shot as subtracting from full. In other words, since I hit my 58 a maximum of 85 yards in the air, if I have shots that are 80, 70 and down to about 60 yards I will feel the amount of swing as a percentage of the full swing. Thus, a 60-65 yard shot becomes in my mind a 3/4 shot, while a 70 yard shot would be a bit less cut off from full. 50 yards is about the furthest out I’ll get where I’ll try to get an exact yardage to carry.

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