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Swing Analysis: Ryan Moore- Big Changes from 2010 to 2018

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

I have an attraction to odd looking swings that work, and Ryan Moore fits right in to that category. In this video I compare his swing from 8 years ago to now, and we see some significant changes in just about all parts of his motion other than his set up. In 2010 Moore had the shaft beyond vertical at P3, then used a huge flattening of the shaft to recover from his across the line position at the top. That shaft shallowing kept going much longer in the downswing before the club steepened back onto the plane, thus taking his release more out down the line and out to the right. In 2018 we see more forearm rotation in the backswing moving the shaft more on plane and less vertical at P3, not crossing the line at the top, less need for shallowing from P4 to P5, and with the flattening happening much more quickly (ending by P5) the earlier steepening of the shaft from P5 to P7 causing the approach to come from more in front of him and his release to exit more around to the left. I also look at an odd angle swing that gives us a nice view of exactly how Moore goes about flattening the shaft, something that he has done to some degree throughout his career.

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