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Swing Analysis: Peter Uihlein. Phil Mickelson and the Fadeaway Swing

By Wayne | Videos: Swing Analysis

You might be wondering about the title of this video (fadeaway swing? What the heck is that?), but after watching it will become obvious what I am talking about. Both players address the ball in what I would call an athletic, “ready” posture with their balance out over the ball toward the balls of the feet. My preference would always be to stay out over the ball and either maintain or increase hip depth and pelvic tilt, but both Uihlein and Mickelson back away from their starting position in a significant fashion. Uihlein increases his hip depth with no hint of early extension, while Mickelson famously kicks his left leg hard out from under him and uses a hard roll of the forearms to square the face. Both are excellent players and I always find it interesting to view techniques that work that I would never teach outright and would discourage when I see it. In my own swing I can never seem to get deep enough into my left heel at impact and watching Uihlein (I always considered Mickelson an anomaly) it makes me wonder how it would work to start even more forward toward the toes at address then consistently move back toward the heels during the swing.

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